Emanuel VS Dawn

Posted: July 27, 2010 in My Heart, my soul

Emanuel Shajhef Quinton

Dawn Marie Varela

Dawn and I were engaged to be married.  We lived together for 7 years in an apartment owned by Stuart Management with her daughter, Shelby Renae Varela (who later moved out when she was 18) and her son Jamel Randal Varela 14 years old.

I maintained a primary job at Blockbuster in Oakdale MN at $9.25 per hour 35 hours per week.  I also held various part-time jobs starting with Subway’s in Woodbury $7.00 per hour 20 hours per week;  Compusa in Woodbury on commission average $12.00 per hour 30 hours per week, Best Buy in Oakdale Computer Department $12.00 per hour 30 hours per week, Radio shack in Highland Park $12.00 per hour 30 hours per week, Outsell in Minneapolis $14.00 per hour 40 hours per week, Kirklands in Woodbury $10.50 per hour 30 hours per week, Ramsey County as a temp clerk I for child support $11.20 per hour 40 hours per week, Alliance One in Mendota Heights $12.00 per hour 30 hours per week, E-funds in Oakdale $11.50 per hour 40 hours per week and lastly Fed-ex in Oakdale $11.00 per hour 25 hours per week.

Dawn Marie Varela works at Oakdale Optical in Oakdale MN at $18.00 per hour 40 hours per week.

Our rent went from free, when she was a caretaker to $585.00 in 2007 raised every year until $604.00 in 2009.
Electric: $85.00 per month
Cable: $100.00 per month
T mobile Cellphone Family & Internet: $100.00 per month
Totaling $889.00 per month (or 296.3 if you divide it by 3 people.)

My personal bills were:
Target: $10.00 per month
Bestbuy MasterCard: $60.00 per month
Bestbuy in-store card: $60.00 per month
Chevy Malibu 2004: $310.00 per month
Geico Insurance: $64.00 per month.
Wellsfargo Visa: $60.00 per month.
Wellsfargo Cash on Demand: $60.00 per month.
Child support: $240.00 per month.
Totaling $864.00 per month.

Making my total monthly bills $1,160.3 dollars per month.

Now the problems.

When during the first year of our engagement, my car broke down.  I didn’t have good enough credit to finance a car.  So she agreed to finance a car for me and would give me the title after the car was paid off.  This was $310 per month, but I paid $160 every 2 weeks on it up until January of 2010.  When the car was paid off, she refused to give me the title.

In 2006 she was nervous about having 2 cars in her name, so we refinanced her Alero into my name and to make the transition easier, I added her to my bank account.  To rebuild my credit, the finance department gave me 2 credit cards, the Wellsfargo Visa, and the Wellsfargo Cash on Demand, which was part of the refinance agreement she and I signed together to have me the primary on her Alero.  I used these 2 cards to pay for car repairs and maintenance on my Chevy Malibu and to pay for trips back and forth to Indianapolis Indiana to deal with my ex-wife and drivers license Issues.  Everything worked out just fine, all my payments were being made.

In 2008 she accused me of fraud and stealing her identity when I made a late payment to the Wellsfargo Cash on Demand, they told her she was a secondary on the account and were making sure the payments would continue.  I told her I did not sign her name on anything and did not commit any fraud.  She later realized it was part of the refinance agreement, but remained paranoid.  She then called the finance department and canceled both my cards which still had a balance on them.  This instantly ruined my credit as they went from revolving straight into debt.  Needless to say we argued over this from 2008 till 2010.

As those two cards were now debts, I saw no reason to maintain them until I paid off my car, as a bad debt is a bad debt whether you pay on it or not.  So I told Wellsfargo financial I would pay on the cards in January of 2010 after I paid off my car, as I had other revolving credits that now took priority.

Needless to say, they were not happy and called her daily at work and at home.

In 2009 another financial blow occurred.  My ex-wife in Indianapolis Indiana sued me for child support.  Indiana child support did not take into account I was already paying child support and went by a percentage, which happened to max out at 60 %.  During this time I was working my last part time job at Fed-ex.  Not only did they take from my primary job, but also my secondary job.  My Fed-ex job paid weekly, my check from there was only $20.00 a week after child support.  As Fed-ex is a labor intensive job, working there for $20.00 a week seemed rather stupid.  So I retired from there until I could resolve the child support issue with the state of Indiana.

I managed to get them to bring down the monthly payments to 60 dollars per week, but at this point maintaining 2 jobs became pointless, as previously Minnesota only took from my primary job, now I was being garnished for 2 jobs, and as my secondary jobs did not give a lot of hours, the result was a check that did not make it worth my time to pursue.

2009 became a very bad year, and the financial burden of our shared rent fell on her, as I now only made enough money to pay for my personal bills.  I made extra income by doing art work, or repairing peoples computers.

January 2010 after making my last car payment, I called Wellsfargo Financial and arranged Direct deposit of $60 per month on one card and $120 per month on the other.  I was not aware of the growing animosity she was harboring for the fact that I now made only enough money to pay for my personal bills and could not contribute much to the household bills.

In May of 2010, we broke up.  She told me to move out immediately.  My finances at that moment did not allow me to be able to get another apartment immediately.  So I called a friend in Iowa who said I could stay with him until I could get on my feet again.  I moved out the next day.  As we lived together for 7 years, some of her belongings were naturally mixed in with mine… but I had no issues with driving back to Minnesota to give her her belongings, as my daughter still lives in Minnesota and I could have dropped her stuff off when visiting my daughter.

What she did instead was accuse me of stealing my car, stealing her TV and stealing her computer.  The moment I got to Iowa I was charged with Grand Theft Auto and they gave her all my personal possessions which were still in the car.

In actuality, I had paid off my Chevy Malibu… which she refused to sign over.  We had 2 flat screen TV’s, one I used for my artwork movie productions and web page designs, which was the one I took.  We had 3 computers, I only took one which was the one I rebuilt to handle all my processing needs.

All my x box’s, x box 360 and PlayStation 3’s and Wii and all the games I purchased were done under my Bestbuy cards and my Target Card, which by the way I am still paying on which can be easily proven through statements where she is completely not on my accounts.

What she did was close my bank account, which had all the payment arrangements I had made and my direct deposits, and then she began to use extortion techniques in order to force me to pay for my possessions, which I am currently still paying on.  She then Sold my car and paid off my two Wellsfargo Financial cards and still refuses to give me my personal property.

I can understand her bitterness for the last year of our time together, but that does not excuse her from backing out of the deal we made for me paying off the car, or give her the right to keep my personal property which I paid for over the last 7 years.

My paychecks were all direct deposit, for me to pay our bills through my bank account she had to willingly give me money to put into my account to pay for the bills she knew needed to be paid.  I did not steal from her or use her for 7 years.  I am sorry that my financial burden increased in 2009, but that still does not give her the right to take what I earned and paid for.

It is just NOT right.

I have text messaging records that prove everything I have said based on conversations we have had with each other, also it is easily possible to pull from Wellsfargo Online Records showing I paid 160.00 every 2 weeks on my Chevy Malibu, and before she closed my bank account it is easy to contact Wellsfargo Financial to see that I had made direct deposit payment arrangements with them.

I have been financially responsible.  What she has done in her paranoid fear is ruin my life and taken away everything I have worked on for the last 7 years.
This is just not right.

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