Posted: July 27, 2010 in My Heart, my soul

So, I am living in Correctionville Iowa now.  Not a very large town.  30 miles to the nearest city.

I should say that this place is filled with DRAMA.  I can go on and on about the drama here, but for now I have something of major issue on my mind.

My “friend” Bobby Perez invited me down to Correctionville Iowa in order to help him with his Martial Arts School.  He specializes in MMA.

Everything seemed awesome.  I would teach Kung Fu, and Art and Video Production, and Writing and Web Page Design and various other skills I have acquired over the years.  I have a lot to offer.

So my first week here was HELL on EARTH.  My Fiance’ Dawn M Varela had me thrown in Jail for Grand Theft Auto… which I was innocent of.  The police were very uncaring and not very gentle.  I sustained permanent nerve damage in my right hand due to how they restrained me with the handcuffs.

So, Bobby Commissioned me to do two murals for the school, The Land of OZ.  I painted one on the north wall and an illustration on the south wall.

Now, my pricing for mural’s is a base price of $500.00 2’X3′ and $1 a square foot there after.  I made 2 murals one 5’x20′ the other 8’x10’… you do the math.

I also teach classes … so far I have only taught Kung Fu and art classes to his students and I assist him with his MMA students.

He does not pay me for that.

I created a website for the Land of Oz.  This was created from scratch 5 page website, custom content.  Base price for this type of website is $550.00 without me designing the logo.  The logo would be another $200.00.  He did commission me to design a logo for him by the way, which was also not paid for.

I have lived with him for 3 months now.  So let’s do the math on the service I have provided.

Not including the art students and the martial arts students I have taught, he should have paid me at least $2,000.00 dollars.

Instead, he had the audacity to say that I only clean up after myself and I only clean up the general  gym area.  He say’s he works all day and is too tired to clean after his students and the bathrooms and the racquetball courts and his own room.  He says he needs me to do more to pay for my rent and the expense of living here.

Now, I rarely eat his food… as I have my own job working as a pizza dude at Casey’s… only when I have absolutely no food left do I even bother to eat anything of his.  Yet the second I buy something, he eats it right away, and has the nerve to share it with other people that come to the gym.

One time I bought a hamburger dinner from Club Casmo so that I could eat it later when everything was closed.  I put it in the refrigerator and when I came back from work at 11:30 pm, he had eaten it.

Third of July 2010 he goes to a dinner party and doesn’t come back till fourth of July evening.  I am all alone those two days and everything is closed and the only thing to eat are two kabobs.  I’m starving, so I cook them and eat them.

He comes home and says, “why the hell would you eat the last two kabobs in the frig?  I am here to take care of myself not you.  Why would I feed you first instead of myself.  I just don’t understand how you could do something like that!”

…and he goes on to say that if I was really hungry I would drink tomato soup…

To add insult to injury, he passes gas right next to me, and I have expressed to him that I do not appreciate that and could he do that somewhere else instead of right next to me, and he says “My gas doesn’t stink”  and promptly gets all pissed off because I requested he not do that RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

To make this even more nerve wracking, I have expressed to him my concerns about using derogatory terminology such as racial slander… yet when some kids came over and said they were running from door to door ringing bells, he said… “Oh, nigger knocking”  I said that is a racial slander.  He said “I’m not racist, that’s just what you call it when you do that.”  I said, that’s racial slander… he continued to insist that he wasn’t racist so he could call it whatever he likes and started using multiple racial slanders for various colors and creeds.

He then said I was being a “Dick” and that all I wanted to do was argue.

Now, if I am wrong in feeling that I am being taken advantage of and disrespected… please feel free to educate me on how my way of thinking is flawed.  But until that time, I am feeling completely torn down by all this negativity.

  1. Kirsten says:

    You need to get out of that negativity. You are doing something – I don’t know what – to surround yourself with negativity. I wouldn’t do anymore work for him. Save up enough money for the buss and get your ass back up here!

    You need the services on my website… CHECK IT OUT! These services over deliver big time! They could really help you get advice.

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