The Wonder of You

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Poetry

by Emanuel Shajhef Quinton

I sit here and I think of you. Sometimes
it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me mad,
but always I know I love you. Often I
think of little things, such as the moments
with the sun setting somewhere behind or
beside you as you drive; or as the wind
blows your hair as you walk,or even as you
sit upon the sink and gaze upon the mirror,
the wonder of you. Their are infinite
reasons and none why I really truly love
you. Each morning,every day and every night
I am filled with you; renewed, refreshed
for the first time. I know that the rain
will fall,the wind will blow, the snow will
come, as the seasons flow. Flowers will
bloom,autumn leaves will fall, summer will
arrive as it does every year, and without
fail… like the tides of eve, are the
emotions of my heart. Reverent,
persistent, changing…yet always the same.

Copyright © 2009

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