A Faeries Tale Part I

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

Once upon a time, in a land not far from where you live now, there lived a little girl by the name of Alex Metz. Now Alex was a quiet and humble little girl. She was often seen running through the fields during the afternoons chasing butterflies or blowing dandelions.

One afternoon, while playing in the fields Alex heard a moaning coming from a little place just inside the forest line. Her good nature wanted her to go see what was going on, but her parents had warned her NEVER to go into the forest alone, and even then she had to follow close behind an adult.

The moaning grew louder, more desperate.

“Who is there?” she yelled into the forest.

“Oh please, please, I have been ensnared and need your assistance!”

“Who are you?” Alex edged closer towards the forest.

“I am a king! I am trapped, and I need your help.”

“I’m just a child, only 9 somars, how can I help you?” Alex queried.

“Your size and strength should be more than a match for my predicament,” explained the king. “Will you help me?”

Alex had already emotionally made up her mind to help the poor soul, but she needed her mind and body to follow, with each question she edged closer and closer into the forest until she was standing before the trapped king.

“Why, you are a…”

“Yes, yes I am, now could you please pull back this iron bear trap and free me from its crushing grip?”

Alex was in awe, she had heard of faeries, but she never believed in them, not when she saw her father pretending to be Santa Clause, or when she caught her mom being the tooth faerie. Yet right before her; bleeding from his back and chest, gossamer wings and all was a living breathing faerie, and a king at that!

Alex put her foot on the catch and pushed the teeth of the trap apart. The little faerie king wiggled free. His breath was short and he looked rather pale, even for a faerie.

“Are you all right?” Alex wondered, genuinely concerned.

The king sighed. He wanted to say something very sarcastic, but this human child had just saved him, a few moments longer and the life would have been crushed from his tiny body. “I still need your help, little one.” The king said. “I need you to gather some special herbs and mushrooms and sap from a beriberi tree and boil them in this pot for me.” He pulled a thimble from his pocket and handed it to her.

Alex giggled. “This is not a pot, it is a thimble!”

“A thimble to you, a pot to me,” The king struggled to his elbows and looked up at Alex. “Human child, what is your name?”

“Oh you are trying to trick me. My mother told me never to give a faerie my name.”

The king shook his head. “Did your father then tell you that once you save a Faye’s life, they are indebted to you till that deed is returned?”

“I did hear something like that,”

“Okay, now what is your name, or shall I call you female human child or daughter of Eve or something to that effect?”

“You can call me Alex.” she said, a little embarrassed.

“Alex, isn’t that a masculine name for a daughter of Eve? No matter, I am King Froehlich Behl. Now, be a good child and do as your king bids. Hurry now, before the day is done I must have the elixir you must create or I will be a dead king and of no use to my Faerie folk.”

With the king’s instructions, Alex went about gathering the ingredients. She learned quite a bit of faerie lore from the good king, and even how to create faerie fire to cook the ingredients in the thimble or pot, as King Froehlich was want to call it.

Alex handed the king the pot. “You are the most talkative person I have ever met!” she said, “I think my head is going to burst with everything I have learned today. I feel I have a life of knowledge inside me now.”

The king smiled. “My dear Alex that is exactly what you have. In order for you to help me, I had to instruct you in the ways of the Faye. I was too ill to show you, so instead I cast a spell that passed onto you the experience and education I received as a young Faye. Still, we didn’t have time for all that to happen in just a few hours, so I cast a second spell that manipulated time until your human mind understood what it was learning. The spells were broken once you returned my pot to me with the elixir.”
Alex was confused a moment. “What do you meant? I am still me, still 9 years old. I don’t feel like I know everything you know?”

“You do not know everything I know, only my education and experiences obtained through that education… kind of like, examples so you do not make the same mistakes I made. But you are right, physically you are still 9 sommars old, but it actually took your human mind 10 sommars to absorb what you needed to create the elixir. By human standards, your mind is over 220 give or take a somar.”

“How strange, I do not feel any different.”

“Time manipulation is a dandy Faye trick we use on human folk all the time, as a favor to you though; I put a stasis on your body so you wouldn’t miss your childhood. But make not mistake, you are not as you were 10 somars ago. You are more like a Faye folk emotionally, so make yourself careful around humans. I know it is not payment for saving my life, but it is the least I can do for you.” The king rose from the ground, flapped his wings then vanished in a puff of scintillating glitter.

Alex felt full; alive, invigorated and different. There was something not quite the same about her but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Maybe she WAS more intelligent, maybe she COULD use faerie magic now, but she really didn’t feel 10 somars older. She inspected herself, and she didn’t look like a woman of 19 somars. Maybe the faerie king was mixed up or something? In her rush to get home, she did not notice the fields were filled with weeds, or that the shack she used to play in was rotted and overgrown with creep vines. She ran straight to her house and burst in.

“Mom, mom?” she yelled.

“Alex?” her mother ran from her bedroom and then suddenly stopped. “Alex, you… you look the same!”

“Mom, you will never guess what happened to me!”

“Alex, is this truly my daughter? Or are you an apparition? Oh dear lord, be you her spirit, I am thankful that you are here before me so that I may say goodbye and know that you are in a better place!” Her mother rushed at her and threw her arms around her daughter and cried.

“Mom, it’s me, Alex, why are you crying?”

After what seemed like hours of sobbing, her mother sighed. “I am crying for you, my daughter, and dead these past 10 somars. My little ghost child, can you tell your mother what happened to you, that your father and I may avenge your death?”

“Mom, I was only gone a few uras, I am not dead. Mother, please do not be mad at me. I went into the forest and met a Faye king. He was caught in a bear trap so I saved him.”

Her mom pushed her away a bit. “You met a real faerie?” She was thoughtful for a moment. “That explains everything. Those retched faeries, stealing my daughter for 10 somars!” Her mother gave her a weary stare. “Dear, times have been rough since you have been gone. The land is no longer out own. It was given to Prince Eric to rule over. He is not a very smart prince, wise and just, but not very smart at all. Your father went to see Prince Eric in the hopes of getting him to listen to the problems of his people, and to make matters worse; we are at war with the neighboring kingdom.”

“That is horrible. Perhaps I should go talk to the prince with father? Maybe I can find a way to make him listen?”

Alex’s mother burst into laughter. “You are only but a child of 9,” she giggled. “No one would listen to you and if they did, they would think you bewitched. Were you not my own daughter I would think the words that came from your lips to be that of a grown woman! No dear, we must stay here and await your father’s return.”

“Mother, you forget, I know the ways of the Faye! I will cast a spell upon my body to make it appear as it would were I truly my own age. In that way, I will speak to Prince Eric.”

“But I just got you back,” cried Ale’s mother. “Stay but a moment more?”

“Mother, if what you say is true, then every moment counts. I must return to the forest for the ingredients that will change my body, would you like to join me? We can talk about what else has happened in the last 10 somars before I go to see Prince Eric?”

Alex’s mother smiled. She had her daughter back, and though she lost 10 somars, she couldn’t have wished for a greater woman than what she saw in her daughter now.


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