A Faeries Tale Part II

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

Prince Eric was just above average height, tan and quite handsome. His dark brown hair fell to his shoulders in near wavy perfection. His deep brown eyes sparkled with an inner wisdom; it was the wisdom of a great heart, an honest and forthright man, but of politics, he was still but a child. Were it not for this small fact, he would have been an excellent leader for his people. It all began when an old woman from the neighboring kingdom came with a woman from his kingdom and they each lay claim to an infant child. The elderly woman claimed she was the mother of the child and that the younger woman stole the child from her. Yet the child looked just like the younger woman. So, the king called the elder woman a liar, gave the child to the younger woman and sent the elder woman back to her lands on the borders. That was a mistake, as the woman turned out to be of substantial influence in her lands. She convinced the king there that Prince Eric was a tyrant and a baby snatcher and in his rage the king declared war on Prince Eric, and the unrest has been building ever since.

The kingdom of Prince Eric was chaotic. No one trusted each other; there were fights and brawls at every tavern. Orphans were stealing out in the open; prostitutes were now out in the daytime flaunting their goods. The line for complaints to the prince was two days and growing. In this line, near the middle was where Alex found her father. At first he did not recognize her, but as she grew nearer, his heart began to race and a familiar ache permeated from his soul. He knew her as his own flesh and blood.

“Daddy,” Alex ran to her father. She flung her arms around him. His eyes seemed to instantly fill with tears.

“My little baby,” he cried in her arms. “Not so little anymore,” he said when he finally pulled away from her. “Where have you been these past 10 somars?”

Alex explained what happened.

“That is quite brave of you!” He said after listening to her story. “Do you really think you can convince the prince to convene a second arraignment, to pull back on the taxes, apologize to the border king and settle the unrest in his own lands?”

“I can try, surely he is a man of reason?” said Alex.

“You certainly do not sound like a child of 9 somars,” Alex’s father shook his head. “What did that Faye king do to you exactly?”

“Honestly father, I do not know exactly, but I don’t feel like I aged at all, but somehow he put 220 somars of information into my head. I don’t remember learning it all; it kind of just pops out when I need it,”

“…and you say your body is really 9 somars old still?” He looked her up and down. She was actually a very beautiful almond eyed, lightly tanned beauty who looked exactly as she would were she truly 19 somars of age.

“Well, dad, I drank a potion that makes my body age 10 somars,”

“So this is the real you? Not some illusion?”

“Yes dad, the potion ages me by 10 somar increments. If I drank it again, I would age another 10 somars.”

“Can you reverse it?”

“Yes, but it is only the appearance, dad. Inside I’m really only 9. It’s kind of like shape shifting. Only you could say it’s more like time image shifting.”

“Right, and with the mind of a 220 year old Faye king,” he added nervously.

“The knowledge only, not the mind, he taught me what he knew, father,” she said with a bit of exasperation. “He didn’t put his head in my head, or whatever.”

“Okay, okay,” Alex’s father began to smile. “My dear daughter, I hate the Faye for stealing you away for 10 somars, but they have given you something of at least equal value in return. I think you will be able to save yourself, your family, the prince and your country. Listen to my plan,” he leaned in and began to whisper in her ear.


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