A Faeries Tale V

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

The trip would take 2 days, as they traveled with both gifts; supplies as well as with the child, who was now 9 somars and his presumed mother. Alex watched the mother and how she interacted with the child, whose name was Jonah. The mother was extremely hesitant about the trip, or having Jonah leave her side. She was very strict and demanding. She treated Jonah like an asset or a commodity.

Not once did she show affection. Definitely she was not acting like a loving mother. She appeared to be 29 somars, which would have made her 18 when she got pregnant. Alex made several inquiries about the father, but no one seemed to know. It was all a mystery. Alex loved mysteries. Alex studied mother and child, their features were strikingly similar, but the true question was, why would the old lady claim the child was hers, even though she was clearly beyond child rearing age, and what had she said to convince a king to go to war at her behest? Something was not right here, and she really wanted to find out what it was.

The entire trip, Prince Eric kept bumbling over his own words, trying to apologize for the kiss they shared. Truly it was not that she did not want to talk to him, or that she did not like him, it was more of the fact that she was confused about whom she was and what she would do about that. She could tell that he really liked her, and she liked him too, but she was also afraid about how he would react if he knew he body was technically only 9 somars old, well 10 when her birthday would come in less than a thons time.

“Did you know I have been ruling over this province since I was 8 somars?” said the prince to her while they trotted along on their horses. “Malachi, my former chief of council, your predecessor, has been telling me what to do and say all my life. I am not saying that I am not responsible for the state my province is in, but I really never spoke out until you came along.”

“That’s nice,” said Alex.

“I just wanted to thank you for letting me be myself.”

“You should always be yourself,” she said, then added, “at least as much as possible.”

The prince took in a deep breath, the conversation was going nowhere, and so he urged his stallion closer to her. “I notice you watch Deidre a lot. Why is that?”

“There is something not quite right about her. I have asked around about her, and many people who know her say she has changed. She used to be very open and flirtatious. She loved life and she gave a lot of herself. Did you know she used to bake sweet bread and she had a flower garden and that every 3rd dak she would pick 3 flowers from her garden and stroll 4 miles just to deliver them and a loaf of sweet bread to old lady Yreka?”

“I’ve heard of old lady Yreka, she used to be a well traveled and renowned educator, until she contracted fomblar’s disease. Now she can only remember what happened the day before. I can not imagine only remembering what happened yesterday as if it happened today.”

“Yes, but there is more to that disease, according to my research, once every wyn a person who has true fomblar’s disease can also remember the day after.”

“So, you think Deidre was visiting the old lady just to glean a dak into the future?”

Alex sighed. “At first I did, until I dug really deep. It is not well known, and the records are fuzzy, but with a few tests I was able to perform, I am quite positive that Yreka is Deidre’s great grandmother. From what I know of Deidre, she was extremely modest, and so would not have told anyone that she was related to such a famous woman. But Deidre was also a loving woman, and took care of her great grandmother as best she could. All that suddenly stopped after she became pregnant. I asked Deidre why she doesn’t visit Yreka any more, and she glared at me saying ‘why should I waste my time with that old hag!'”

“That doesn’t sound anything like the old Deidre; nothing on Soarlais could change a person that drastically, not without help. A person who is loving and free doesn’t usually stray too far from that path.”

“Obviously,” said the prince.

Alex gave the prince a sidelong glance. “She wasn’t that kind of girl, Eric. It concerns me that no one knows who the father is though. They say she vanished for nine thons and when she came back it was with that older woman to your courtroom to petition the right to keep her child. After that she has not been the same woman.”

“How is that strange? She obviously has gone through a lot of stress and is now very protective of her child.”

“You forget yourself Prince,” said Alex, rather sternly. “Just as an apple does not fall far from a tree, a person does not venture far from who they are. Even though your former chief of council oppressed you, you still kept who you were deep inside and when given the opportunity you let that person out. This woman is nothing like she used to be… and I want to know what happened to make her change so dramatically.”

“I see your point, but you may have to face the facts; this just very well could have been who she was inside all along. In the mean time, all we have to do is find out why she is not like she used to be, and then we will be closer to solving the mystery before us.”

“Us,” whispered Alex.

“Of course, we are in this together. I have never been happier than when I am with you. I am so very thankful that I met you.”

Alex frowned. “You are a prince. You know, I have always imagined that a prince would rescue me from a dragon or a troll and he would fall in love with me…”

“I would say you are half way there,” he smiled at her.

“Life isn’t like a faeries tale,” she nudged her mare and headed further into the forest ahead of him.

Prince Eric shook his head. She was a very complex woman, which made his feelings for her grow even deeper. He knew in his heart that there was no other woman in existence who would compliment his soul like she did. “Patience,” he told himself. “I must have patience.”

* *


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