A Fairies Tale Part III

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

“Your Majesty,” the man that led them was sweaty, overdressed and displaying a visual cacophony of primary colors. “Alexander Isaac Metz, formerly Sir Aim True-heart of the royal archer commands elite; and his daughter Alexandria Ileana Metz.” The royal announcer guided the two towards a podium 30 feet from the prince’s throne.

“Sir Aim True-heart; the Royal Archer Commands Elite, father, have you been keeping secrets?” Alex nudged her father in the side with her elbow as she whispered to him.

“You were too young to understand what I left behind in order to raise a family. Being in the R.A.C.E was not worth losing the woman I love or the child she bore. I made a choice and I would do it again.”

Prince Eric was tired. His eyes were heavy and there were dark rings below them. He sighed as the announcer situated the next two in a long line of petitioners. He seemed only mildly more interested when he realized who was before him.

“Sir Aim True-heart, not THE Sir Aim True-heart, the very same Sir Aim True-heart who was the commanding officer and trainer for my father’s Royal Archer Commands Elite?” Prince Eric switched positions to lean forward in his throne a bit.

Alex’s father took a long deep breath before he spoke. “I am, but my status is of little importance here your majesty. I am weary, and have much to do upon my farm with my wife, who even now is alone and each moment I am away I fear for her safety. I would like to appoint my daughter Alex here as one among your council, as she knows my heart and will represent me in all things. She is a gifted child and wise beyond her years.”

Prince Eric shifted his gaze upon Alex. There was no emotion on his face. He did seem to take deeper breaths and sweat began to bead upon his brow. He took his gaze from her, and shook his head. “Perhaps I am tired, and at this moment, any other council other than what I have already seems quite novel.” He sighed, paused then shrugged. “As the daughter of the prestigious gentleman and the finest warrior in our entire kingdom, I welcome you as my new head of council. I pray you live up to your father’s glory!”

Both Alex and her father were shocked by the prince’s decree. It was rash, unexpected and unceremonious. Indeed, the prince must be at his wits end jumping at every opportunity that seemed to alleviate his predicament.

“Well, since you put it that way, I may have second thoughts!” She joked as she recovered from her surprise. “Nevertheless, I am an individual and can only do the best of my abilities regardless of where I come from or who my parents are.” She bowed her head to show respect.

Prince Eric smiled. “Those are my feelings exactly!” He was quiet for a moment. “I am tired. I really need to rest, but these people need someone to listen to. As my new chief council, I ask that you fill in for me while I retire to the royal chambers to catch up on some much needed sleep. I will relieve you shortly.”

Alex was shaking in her doeskin sandals. This was not part of the plan her father had suggested for her. She had thought she would merely be a conscious for the weary sleep deprived prince, not his actual chief of council and to have her first responsibility so public a task? She was not sure she could do it, instead she simply said; “As you wish sire,” and bowed.

“Your majesty, what you are doing is a mistake! I strongly urge,” began a scrawny, beady eyed clergy as he vied for the prince’s attention.

“Didn’t I just fire you?” said the prince to his former chief of council.

“You are making a grievous error in judgment your majesty!” the former chief council was very angry and was barely keeping his emotions in check.

“I believe I could NOT make any more mistakes than I already have!” Prince Eric waived his hands in a secret gesture and suddenly he and the former chief council were surrounded by dark cloaked figures. “These, as you well know, are the secret guard, they are legendary, I suggest you pack your things and find some other rock to crawl under. Your services here are no longer required.”

“You will regret this!” threatened the former chief of council.

“You are right, for the past 10 somars! Maybe for the first time in my life I am making a decision for myself, and you know what, it feels good!”

“If a harlot is what his majesty wishes, any one of your hoar servants would gladly bed with you, but this,” he gestured towards Alex. “That sayaati tahte will ruin you, mark my words, she has no experience and she is nobody!”

Prince Eric shook his head. “I think you have done a great job of that already, she couldn’t do any worse and she is a better sight to look at than you! Now get out of my sight and please, don’t bother coming back.”

The former chief of council gave Prince Eric the most venomously evil glare he could muster, before leaving the Princes side. He made a point to give an equal glare to Alex as he passed her. “You will regret crossing my path, little girl!” he sneered, and then stormed from the room.

“I apologize for that,” said Prince Eric. “Now, have a seat at the throne, just wave this scepter and the royal announcer will bring in the next petitioner. When you have made your decree, just waive it again and the royal announcer will escort the petitioner away. The guards are stationed nearby in case they do not want to leave peacefully. Are there any other questions?”

Alex shook her head.

“Great. I am so exhausted. I take my leave of you now.” The prince waved goodbye to Alex and her father before vanishing behind a curtain bolted against the wall to the rear of the throne.

“Not quite what I had in mind,” said Alexander to his daughter from the podium. “But if you stick to the plan, keep your eyes and ears open and follow your heart, things will work out fine.” He bowed to his daughter, for the moment he knew she was safe. “I must tend to your mother; we love you, and don’t be a stranger!”

“I love you too; tell mom that for me please,” she was not sure if he heard her as the doors clapped shut behind him. She felt alone. She sat at the throne, nervous. It was all like a dream. Her entire life seemed to whirl before her like a hurricane. Her rational mind said only yesterday she was 9 somars, a child with little cares in the world, now she was 19, separated from her family and the head of the prince’s royal council. “This is just a dream,” she told herself, “and dreams are supposed to be fun, so I am going to have fun!” Once Alex made up her mind that this was just another part of her fantasy world and imagined how great it was to play in the fields and blow dandelions, sitting at the throne no longer frightened her. She brought down the scepter and her first petitioner was guided in.


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