I Am Truly Sorry

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Poetry

As my lover and my friend you must
never lie. Trust; hope and faith
are like warmed snow and can easily
melt or die.
When you break my heart, you must
take responsibility, like glass
scattered across your floor, it can
cut, scratch or mar.
I wanted to cuddle to bond and hear
you say, “It will all be alright”,
but my reward for my love was just
another fight.
I tried to explain how small,
vulnerable and abandoned you made
me, but instead you were defensive
and demanded to be set free.
You hear my words, but you do not
listen and upon my face my tears
still glisten.
All this and more, for you I would
do. To ask anything less would never
ring as true. So here I am;
confused, lost and alone. Do I ask
too much? I am truly sorry.

Copyright ©2009 Emanuel Quinton

  1. Jingle says:

    well done,
    I can relate,
    when one turns into opposite directions with support,
    it is hard to make turn around…
    have fun in poetry!

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