Luminous (part 10)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * *

“Hi there Nathaniel,” said the receptionist.
“Hey Doris,” he waved. “Say, why did that girl just burst out of here crying?”
Doris shook her head. “Another denial,” she murmured. “…and this one didn’t even know she was pregnant.”
Nathaniel’s eyes lit up. “Damn,” He bolted out the door and ran after Rhyana. By the time he caught up with her, she was coming out of an abortion clinic. “Oh God, oh God… please, no.” Nathaniel fell to his knees and burst into tears.

* * *

Knock knock knock.
No one answered.
Knock knock knock.
With deft skills he never knew he had, Marcus quickly picked the lock. It was quiet in the apartment. Everything looked as though it were quickly being packed. As he walked through the apartment, he found tapes with Rhyana’s name on them and dates, dates going back several years. He found Nathaniel in the living room, sitting on a recliner.

“She killed our baby.” He was crying.
“Let me tell you a few things before I leave here tonight. Luminous is the real deal. You don’t need to dilute it, somehow it remaps the brain according to the recipients desires. Had you not been blinded by my sister’s autistic genius, you would have seen that… and your baby, well I got a call two calls from my sister before she turned up dead. The first was her asking me for help. The second was how happy she was that you two were going to be parents. When I arrived here, all I heard was how much you loved children and how you wanted to marry my sister… you live a modest life, almost poor by standards. I never suspected you.”
“She was going to keep the baby?”
“Yes,” said Marcus, as he pulled out his gun. “She was going to keep the baby.” Then he pulled the trigger.


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