Luminous (part 2)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * * *

“She was a quiet girl, a good girl. She was loved by everyone she knew. She has left this world, and in her place she leaves memories; memories that will keep her alive in our hearts.” The preacher bowed his head, and like lemmings, everyone mimicked.

Marcus watched everyone. He could not help it, his eyes wanted to drink everything in, and his brain categorized it all. Every movement, every gesture, every smile, even his ears focused and sampled bits of each and every conversation. It was as if his body was on autopilot, and it was searching for something.

“Sorry for your loss,” said someone, as a hand touched his right shoulder. The touch brought him careening back to reality.

“Not as sorry as her murderer will be,” he mumbled.

“Murder,” said the man next to him. “I thought she committed suicide? There was a note and…”

Marcus turned and glared at the man. “You a friend of hers,” he asked. There was malice in his voice.

“I was a friend,” he reached out a hand to Marcus. “Name is Ed.”

“Ed. Did she seem like the suicide type? Did she show any signs that her life was miserable?”

“Well, you can never tell now-a-days… but,” he shrugged. “She seemed really happy…”

“Happy huh, happy enough to swallow two bottles of sleeping pills?” Marcus was being sarcastic.

“Well, she did joke about wanting to be as smart and quick witted as everyone else, but I never thought it was bothering her enough to kill herself over it.”

“I knew her, Ed. And I am telling you, she did not kill herself. Someone else is responsible.” Marcus pushed his way past Ed, and walked towards his car.

“Marcus,” it was his mother calling him. “Marcus…” but he ignored her. He had better things to do, things that a lot of people were not going to like.

* * *


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