Luminous (part 4)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * *

Nathaniel was not in a good mood. Last night was the very last time he would spend with the woman of his heart. He loved her so much, but she was just so immature. They had argued all night, she wanted to get the procedure done, but he was against it.
“It’s not natural!” proclaimed Nathaniel. “Hard work and perseverance is far more rewarding than mental plastic surgery!”
“I’m not a genius like you! I don’t have a photographic memory; I can’t process information and come up with new concepts in seconds! I’m slow Nathaniel, don’t you get it! I am tired of people looking at me and laughing!”
“No one is laughing at you Rhy!” Nathaniel tried to sooth her.
“Yes, yes they are. I can here them when they think I’m too far away. I can see them snickering before I get too close. I can feel the contempt of everyone around me!” Rhyana began to cry.
“And you think getting this procedure done will make everything all right? Rhy, it’s not that simple.”
“Yes it is Nate!” She gave him an evil glare.
“Nate… you only use my name like that when you are really upset.”
“I’m getting this procedure… with or without you!”
“I guess it’s going to be without me.” Nathaniel turned to walk away.
“Fine,” She said as she followed him to the door and slammed it shut behind him. “I never needed you anyway!” she said, as she slid down against the door, crying.

* * *

Nathaniel was still angry about the whole argument they had last night. He was sure she wouldn’t go through with it… yet as he walked towards his job, he saw her running out; tears blinding her as she burst past him without even noticing. He couldn’t help but smile. Something was wrong with her, enough to make them turn her away from the procedure. That was enough for him. She would come back to him, and he would be there waiting.
Nathaniel entered the doors of his workplace, 100 times happier than the moment before.

* * *

Knock knock knock; the rap of his knuckles seemed insistent.
“Yeah, yeah… don’t drag your knuckles raw,”
Something inside Marcus made him twinge, he squinted his eyes in response. “Genius, huh… sounds more like a street punk.” mumbled Marcus under his breath.

The door opened.
“Ah, it’s you. Lost or something? Your sister’s apartment is a few blocks down.”
“Can I come in?” asked Marcus, as he walked in regardless of Nathaniel’s answer.
“Well actually I’m kind of in a hurry…” he begins, “fuck, don’t mind me, my apartment is your apartment…”
“So you were seeing my sister?”
Nathaniel shrugs.
“Why would a genius such as yourself want to shack up with someone so obviously beneath you?”
“It’s not like that,” he shakes his head. “She said you were a hard ass, man you got something up you bung, cause you are just plain rude.”
“You know, for a genius, you talk real dumb.”
“Sounds like a pot calling the kettle black…”
Without warning Marcus grabs Nathaniel by his shirt and slams him against the front door. “Despite what you may have heard about me, I assure you I’m a thousand times worse. Something happened to my sister, and it wasn’t suicide. If you know something, I advise you to tell me now, because I promise you, I will not have any mercy later.”
A moment of silence.
“Let…me…go.” He was unusually calm for a man being threatened.
Marcus backed away from him and brushed the wrinkles off of Nathaniel’s clothes.
“So, anything come to you?”
“You are quite the charmer, but no…nothing. Sorry.” Nathaniel opens his door.
Marcus glares at Nathaniel for a moment, smiles and then leaves.
Nathaniel slams the door behind him.

* * *


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