Luminous (part 5)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * *

Nathaniel plopped himself onto his chair and stared off into space. What was it exactly that attracted him to her? She was a regular at the Bier Stube for years, everyone knew she was mentally challenged, but she didn’t look retarded. Being a genius himself, he knew what it meant to be isolated from society based on intellect, or perhaps because she was his mental polar opposite. Something about her fascinated him, and he could look past her disabilities. He remembered watching her from afar…

She was lonely. Every relationship she had ever been in had ended in disaster. She no longer had faith in love. Jack Daniels was her husband now, and she turned him up every night. He was true to her longing, but before the bliss of forgetfulness, he would leave her weak and vulnerable. She would lay and cry for hours.

Tonight was no different. She sat at the bar; drinking Jack on the rocks, it was only her third, nowhere near her tolerance level. Right now she was still filled with anger. She watched as the local meat hunters seduced the prettier, smarter girls. At times she was wanted to be like them, falling for the tall, dark and handsome types. She sneered; those men were the bottom feeders, after only one thing. Now she was a bitter, hateful. Her brother had taught her to say no, to defend herself. But she still longed to be like every other woman. Instead she was cursed with Asperger’s Syndrome a mild form of autism. You couldn’t tell just by looking at her that she was developmentally disabled, but once the conversations started, it would become quite obvious. She was obsessed with something she felt she could never have; intelligence.

“I think you’ve had enough,” The voice was a sweet tenor to her left. It startled her, because she hadn’t noticed anyone there.

“I think I am a better judge of that than you,” she said, as she turned to face the voice. He was a younger man, dark brown hair, clear blue eyes and fair skin. He wore a green polo shirt, and tan slacks. Not typical of the men that frequented this particular bar.

“Maybe,” he smiled at her. “But I would like you to judge me for who I am, not for what your alcohol impaired attitude might guess at.”

She shook her head, something about him seemed familiar, and it made her at ease. She smiled back. “Okay,” she nodded. “Okay, names Rhyana, and you are?” She reached out her hand to shake his.

He mirrored her movements. “Nathaniel,” he said. “Nathaniel Pearce”.

“Pleased to meet you, Nathaniel,” she sported a crooked smile.

“Like-wise,” he said.

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. On this day, her life began again.

* * *


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