Luminous (part 8)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * *

The pieces were slowly coming together. But he still had no idea who the mystery e-mailer was. He was sure that Russell had barked up that tree and came up short, so he was going to have to find another way to flush out the culprit. He would have to climb through the gutters and rise to the top of the food chain. He needed a Luminous dealer.

* * *

Edward Christopher Moebius was not a very complicated man, although he fashioned himself out to be deep and meaningful, he was actually quite shallow and demeaning. He could be found quite regularly at the local coffee grind, mulling over asinine scribbles he called poetry. It was in such a grind that Marcus found Edward.
“Writing anything profound… Eddy?” asked Marcus.
Ed looked up, gave a half smile. “Everything I write is profound.”
“Mind if I sit?”
“From what I hear, you don’t mind at all…”
“Words getting around about me, is it?”
“Word is you acting like a dick,”
“I’m just trying to save my sister, Eddy.”
“From where I sit, your sister don’t need saving.”
“My point exactly, Eddy. You see her as she is now, depressed and suicidal.”
“No, I see her as already dead.”
“Her memory needs saving, Eddy. I wasn’t there for her in life, but I sure as hell will not let her memory be tarnished.”
Eddy shakes his head, and then nods. “You know, that’s damn near Shakespearian in attitude. I like it. What can I do to help?”
“I need a supplier.”
“Huh? You want to get high? I don’t do drugs, you barking up the wrong tree.”
“I need to know how Rhy got hooked up with Luminous, I need to find who she bought it from.”
“Ah, I see… well word is you already took a hit, why don’t you talk to whoever sold you your squib?”
“Not an option. I found this SQUIB, hidden in Rhy’s hope book.”
“Ah, yeah… I remember that thing, a fake book filled with her hopes and dreams. What else you find in there, pictures of me?”
“Nah, it was empty except for two other squibs of Luminous a pink baby’s bib and a list of names; Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Isaac Newton, Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Blaise Pascal, Aristotle, Sigmund Freud, Aleksandr Pushkin, Ivan Pavlov…”
“Woe, ho hoooo… how the hell you remember all that?”
“I remember everything now,”
“But didn’t you say you took one of your sisters’ squibs? Why the hell would you all of a sudden be a dick? Wouldn’t you have had to take a squib with a dick’s memory?”
“You know, you are absolutely correct. Apparently Luminous does not require a donor in order to effectuate the desired outcome, all you need is the desire and the drug makes that desire a reality. My God, Edward… do you know what this means?”
“Um no… not really.”
“Who is the local supplier around here?”
“What makes you think I know?”
“Come on now,”
“Alright, alright… he’s a Jamaican dude, his names Jerrick Norrece. Used to pass the ganja back in the day, but he cut himself off from the motherland and started his own little Jamaica selling squibs of Luminous.”
“Where can I find him?”
“44th and 3rd off Century, he is usually throwing some kind of party all de time maun.” Ed begins to giggle.
“Leave the comedy to the professionals.”

* * *


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