Luminous (part 9)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

* * *

Knock knock knock.
“It be one tardee in de aufta noon, maun. What de hell are ya doing knookn at me dahr like de devil gon getcha? Hold-aun, maun.”
“Jerrick Norrece?”
“Wats eet to ya maun?”
Marcus shoved his fist into Jerricks nose, as he busted his way into the apartment.
“I want to know only one thing.”
“You outa ya damn mind, you don go hitten a Rastafarian bredrin while he be bakin on the ganja. I tink you don broke me knows?”
“Who gives you Luminous?”
“I don be breakn me vow of silence. Aint no way to run a business man.”
“My sister is dead after taking your squibs. Someone is going to die, I suppose you will have to do.” Marcus pulls out a gun.
“Okay, okay maun. Taint nobody don died on me squibs buy yo sistah man. But taint no fault of me own. Da maun don told me to give her special squibs, said it’s pure and uncut, said she getting what she deserves, and that be da best!”
“What? So, my sister was taking pure Luminous? Damn, no wonder the dogs at Tant Mieux Corporation couldn’t crack the puzzle; they were ripping apart at an already distorted product programmed to self destruct. They never had a chance.” He was quiet for a moment. “This is what I think happened here. Whoever is supplying Luminous is using Epiphany to dilute Luminous and then adding their own destruct code. I mean, it would be impossible for a street vender to get a genius donor, especially since two doses of the virus will turn the donors brain to mush. So the person who is supplying you with Luminous has to be someone who has access to Epiphany. That same person will have to be paranoid enough not to trust anyone with the secret and that means that person is the same person who is or was close enough to my sister to know her secrets.”
“Oh maun, yu are way beyond out dayere, you touchin da clouds!”
“Fuck, only one person fits all that criteria…”

* * *

She held the child in her arms, rocking to and fro, and tears rolling down her cheeks like rivers of hot blood. Her head rises… she is blinded by her tears, but she remembers. Remembers being conflicted, tormented twisted. She was not ready for this. She remembered it all like it was happening all over again.

Rhyana sat. Waiting. Staring at the pictures on the walls, reading some of the medical cartoons.
There came a knock at the door. “Can I come in?” Came a woman’s voice.
“Yeah, it’s cool,” said Rhyana.
The doctor opened the door, came inside and sat down.
“How are you feeling today?” asked the doctor.
“Okay, I guess…”
“Well, Rhyana… can I call you Rhyana?”
“Um, sure… my friends call me Rhy…”
“Ree? That’s very cute. Well Ree… as you know, in order to begin the procedure you requested, certain criteria need to be met. Your health and safety is as much a priority to us as is your state of being. That is why we had you come in for a pre-screening.”
“I know…”
“Well, Rhy… your white blood cell level is quite high, signifying Leukocytosis, and you have an iron deficiency…”
Rhyana began to cry.
“We can help you with your iron deficiency with vitamin supplements, but there is no way you will be able to get on the program you requested for the next two years. I’m sorry Rhy.”
Rhyana began to shake her head. “I don’t understand… why do I have to wait two years! Why can’t I do it NOW!!!”
“Rhy… calm down. You mean, you don’t know?” The doctor leaned forward, putting her hand on Rhyana’s knee.
Rhyana shook her head. “Know? Know what?”
“I’m sorry to have to tell you like this, but Ree, you are pregnant.”
Her face turned a whiter shade of pale. Her eyes became muddied puddles. Her nostrils flared, and then she ran. She ran without knowing where she was going, without knowing what she was thinking, until she was there. Standing at the abortion clinic. She took out her cell phone and called her brother. He did not answer, the answering machine picked up. “Marcus, Marcus, please help me,” That was all she said, and then she hung up. She walked inside the clinic.
“Are you alright?” someone said.
“I’m pregnant and I’m autistic, I don’t want my baby to be like me.”
“Your baby may not be like you, but if he/ or she is like you, would that be so bad? You seem like a wonderful person, who cares a lot about her life, and to be here now crying because you are scared your baby might be like you, well that does not sound like someone who needs to have an abortion. My niece was forced by three young men, now she is in there doing what she feels she has to, she doesn’t want to be haunted by the memory of those moments, but you dear, you are different, I can feel it.”
Rhy felt an arm go around her, and suddenly she was hugging an elderly woman, wise for her years. She gave a crooked smile. “Maybe you are right; I should at least give my baby the same chances I have.”
“That’s right, now run along now. Get home to your friends and family, everything will be alright.”
“Thank you, thank you so much.”
“My pleasure missy, no git.”
Rhy turned and ran out the door. “I can not take Epiphany, but I can find Luminous, and I will give my child the same chances I have. We will be smart together!”

* * *


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