Prolegomenon (exert from the book of Mlyn) from the Novel “CHAMORHYN”

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories


From the Book of Mlyn: All was nothing, and from nothing, within nothing, because of nothing was the One God. God said, “Let my spirit have harmony,” and existence appeared. God was pleased with it and divided existence until it became realities. Soon, his spirit became dissatisfied for there was no balance within the harmony, and so God created light, and with the creation of light, came darkness. Still his spirit was not content. So, God said, “Let there be Celestials to govern the heavens,” and the Council of Light was formed.

Time passed, and still God wanted more: “Children, to follow the path into the light, as I have.” The first created in the One God’s image was man, and from man’s rib came woman. As a gift to the first man, the Council of light bestowed upon him Kalika Liyae, but man was neither strong nor wise enough to appreciate wild magic in its purest. It soon became apparent to the Council that the Liyae was more of a nuisance and at times a hindrance rather than a blessing for the flesh creations of the One God. Therefore, the Council met in secret to discuss a solution. They all agreed that stripping them of the Liyae would not be fare, since it was not their fault that they were such inferior creatures. The Council then created a second gift, Kalika Thane. With the Thane, man could direct and control the Liyae.

For a time, all was well in Heaven. Man and woman were content with their lives and the Council was content with the Heavens…until the Prince of Morning with his many followers turned against the One God. The One God banished the Prince and all his followers from Heaven’s Light. The leader of the rebels was thereafter named ‘the Fallen One’. In a fit of rage and spite, the Fallen One awakened the full potential in the children of the One God, and because they were created in the One God’s image, they became godlike. So began the TIME OF CHAOS, and it lasted twenty thousand years.

The children of the first man and woman who became godlike, factioned themselves off into three sects: Order, Chaos and Neutrality. The gods of Neutrality, the first twins born to the first man and woman, wielded the gifts of the Celestials, Kalika Liyae and Kalika Thane. It soon became apparent to the gods of Neutrality that the war between the gods would never end, unless they intervened. Therefore, the gods of Neutrality leant to the gods of Order, the gifts of the Celestials.

With the power of both Kalika Liyae and Kalika Thane, the gods of Order, who followed the word of the One God, banished the gods of Chaos, who followed the words of the Fallen One, into the VOID OF STASIS, where they must spend eternity frozen as they were. Because of the awesome magnitude of the spell, Terra Eden was split into two separate planes of existence. The element Maghacim was stripped away from Terra Eden by the Ctyr of its twin planet, which was later, named Soaralis.

From that moment forth, Terra Eden became known as Terra Prime or Earth as its natives call it, and both worlds were cast from Heavens Light. Kalika Liyae and Kalika Thane were transmogrified and lost from the hands of the gods. More than half of the remaining gods of Order were themselves confined to the elements of their power, while the rest lost everything and became mortal. These mortals formed the many races upon both Soaralis and Terra Prime, thus creating the TIME OF RAINS.

Somehow, the Fallen One and his rebel Celestials managed to elude the sleep of eternity. Still, because of the pure strength of the spell, no evil or chaotic entity existing prior to the spells effect could coexist in the physical realm of reality, at least not without the express permission of a being from that physical realm. For the time being, the Fallen One was thwarted.


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