Will of Stone, Heart of Blood

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Short Stories

Sheltie Kong stood on the scales. He was only 130 pounds. His muscles were well formed, toned… but you couldn’t tell by looking at him. He stood just over 6 foot tall; his short slick spiky hair didn’t help this image much at all. Although his vision was 20/20 he still wore the glasses he had when he was 10 years old. He looked like a geek. But contrary to his appearance, he was a closet athlete. He ran every morning at 5am, after school everyday he would lift weights and before bed every night he would practice tai chi.

To everyone else though, he was a valid Victorian, a summa cum laude and still in school after 8 years. The poster child for geek, he even took his own mother to his senior prom. He thought his fifth year in college would make him equal in the eyes of women. But his stature only proved to alienate him further. People only talked to him when they wanted help with their assignments.

“Are you still goo-goo over Masna Lee?” said his roommate as he leaned over his shoulder. “I catch you at the window every other day trying to get a glimpse of her. But she is gone now. She disappeared. No one knows what happened to her. Besides, she was way out of your league.”

* * *

Masna Lee was, is and will always be a beautiful 21 year old woman. Masna was tall for her age. Despite her height, she was quiet and demure… almost invisible. She stood in the park, the wind blowing her blond highlighted sandy brown cropped hair like a flag in the wind. The sounds of nature enveloped her. She soaked in the comforting overtones like a reptile basking in the noonday sun. She was beautiful. But her beauty was lost upon first inspection. She was covered in blood. Her clothes hugged her body like spandex, so thick was the blood that coated her. Yet she showed no fear, no sign of tragedy… were it not for this; one would think she were serene, peaceful, meditative.

Masna was a treasure in the park, an icon. Like Davy Jones’s locker, she was cursed. Between midnight and three in the morning, you can find her there, lost within the torment of her own soul, defiled by her own mind. Many people have passed through this park, unaware of the ethereal creature that haunts here… unaware until they lay lines that captured her activates during the one hundred and eighty minute reign of the witches hour. Those that see her are forever marked, tainted by her desire to be free, corrupted by the inescapable horror of their own inadequacies. She is a beacon to the frivolous, a warning to the careless and a message to the unwary.

Masna Lee was, is and will always be a beautiful 21 year old woman.

* * *

Sheltie Kong desperately wanted to know what happened to Masna… originally he had come here on a science scholarship, but after what he saw of Masna… he changed his major to Para-psychology. He was in love with her, and he wanted to save her.

* * *

Masna stood frozen, transfixed in space and time, outside of normal reality. She cried, but you couldn’t see her saline tears. Only blood welled up and fell from her dark almond shaped brown eyes. Each twitch of her muscles made the veins in her body swell to near bursting. This was a torture no human was meant to endure… and yet endure she must. Why was she here, what had she done? She reflected upon her life, and could find no reason, no karmic resonance, and no justice. Her only respite of late came every other day; a young man would come to where she first vanished and take measurements and readings with strange instruments. He seemed determined to do something. He was beginning to be her only link to sanity, the only other steadfast continuity in her stagnant world. He was nobody, someone she would have ignored in her former life, but now he was becoming increasingly important. Each visit seemed to ease the torment her prone world visited upon her. She began to notice little things about him, how cute he was when he concentrated, how he would wear the same pair of pants for three days, she laughed inside as she began to recognize his habits. She didn’t realize it, but she was beginning to fall in love with him.

* * *

The light of illumination was slowly creeping into Sheltie’s awareness as the puzzle that was Masna Lee coalesced within his mind. After 4 years of studying the area where she had vanished he was on the verge of a breakthrough. The area above this small park was a cross section of power lines as well as the area underneath. On the day that Masna had vanished there was an unusual happenstance. The area in question was struck by a bolt from the blue; witnesses say they saw several orbs that seemed electrified floating through the air. Careful inspection proved to find two shafts of fulgurites. That was the physiological aspect of the situation. There was also the spiritual. This particular park was a cross section of what is known as ley lines; a term in Geomancy that describe veins of natural earth energy that mapped the planet. Ironically, if things had been just a little bit different or if she were struck by lightning just a moment earlier or later, instead of stuck in time she would actually be dead. Perhaps fate was giving him a second chance to tell the woman he had fallen in love with over 5 years ago that he truly cared for her.

Now that he knew the how and the why, he needed to reverse the process, and free his soul mate. He only wished that she would love him as much as he loved her. He knew that in the real world, he was far from the typical type of man she would date, being unpopular and cerebral, but he had something all the handsome jocks didn’t… determination and true love; he was not ever going to give up on her, not until she told him face to face that he was not worth her time, then and only then would he move on with his life.

* * *

Masna was proud of her little soldier boy, that’s what she called him because he seemed to soldier on day after day, year after year like an insect protecting its queen. Somehow she knew his efforts were for her. Once she admitted her love for him to herself, and how his daily visits fueled her will to live, she began to notice her surroundings. She existed in two states, physical and spiritual. Her body was trapped, but her soul was not. She began to learn to step free of her physical form and soon she traveled the world. But in time, she was content to just follow Sheltie around. She soon discovered that he was in love with her as well. If only she could speak to him, if only shoe could hear his voice, but it was as if a sound proof barrier kept them apart. Still, she did find a way to be with him… she discovered that she could exist in his dreams. So night after night she would take him on fantastic journeys within his mind. His imagination was extremely vivid and helped her form the fantasy world they both shared within his mind. It was the only place where they could talk; touch… breathe the same air, as happy as it made her, it also made her equally sad. She longed to be with him in life as well. To grow old with him, to bear his children, she did not realize how important these things were to her, until now.

* * *

Sheltie began to have extremely vivid dreams about Masna. He didn’t remember them all, or exactly what happened in them, but he did remember bits and pieces, and they were inspiring. He began to feel that he was connected to Masna in such a crisp and profound way that it went beyond human words to describe. It made him all the more determined to set her free. But the answers were beyond modern science. He had to set aside his research. It was also time for him to graduate for the third and final time. This should have been a great day for Sheltie, but instead it was filled with regret and remorse. He knew that there was no way with what man had for technology today to save Masna. But he loved her so much. That night he made a decision. He knew the exact amount of joules it would take to open the rift between his world and hers, and he knew the exact time of day and the conditions it would take to replicate the moment. If he could not bring her back to his world, then he would take himself to hers.

* * *

It is a romantic tale of true love, one that rivals Diarmuid and Grianne, Paris and Helen or even Romeo and Juliet. The notes Sheltie left behind, and the explanation of his actions were the ranting of either a mad scientist or a crazed genius. Either way it goes, when the power came back on from the blackout that day, there was no sign of Sheltie Kong. It was as if he had vanished into thin air. But at a certain time, during certain hours, one can almost see him, hand in hand with Masna Lee.



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