Living with Bobby Perez

Posted: August 10, 2010 in My Heart, my soul

So, Bobby Perez invites me down to Correctionville Iowa to start my life over after a messy breakup with Dawn M. Varela.  I am excited to be hanging out with my long time friend and to help him out with his school.

Well, the golden goose was really a dead squirrel in disguise.  Not only did he show me no respect, but he put me down in front of others and behind my back.  Not only was he not appreciative of what I did and was doing for him but he constantly complained that I was lazy and never did enough.

Now, I don’t mean to brag about my social status, but I have studied martial arts for over 20 years, I am an accomplished artist, a published author and 75 percent of all my jobs I have been the manager of or part of the upper staff.  I keep myself well groomed and well attired.

I schedule my life, when to eat, how often to drink and I budget my fun time.

If anything, I am a control freak… far from lazy.

Honestly, I had to sleep on the floor with beetles and spiders and silver fish and earwigs and countless flies and gnats.  2 weeks ago he got a couch, and let me sleep on the couch… he has a bed, but if I wasn’t sleeping on the couch then he would take it and then I would have to sleep on the floor again.

He would give my food away when I bought it, he would eat my food if I didn’t eat it and then he would get upset if I ate his food.

All the while he is preaching to me how he is doing me a favor letting me stay with him.

Seriously, he was not doing me a favor… I had a choice to weather my breakup with my family or him.

I chose him because he said he needed my help with his MMA school.

Sigh… so not only did I get all my stuff stolen from me by Dawn M Varela, but then I had to live in Hell for three months afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, Bobby Perez can be a wonderful human being… but not on a long term basis.  He has some growing up to do and to learn to be grateful and appreciative and respectful.

I am thankful for the lessons I have learned with Dawn and Bobby… I am still sorting it all out, and I know that my choices have brought me to where I am today.

The hard part is dealing with the loss and the pain of not being respected and appreciated.  It makes a part of you feel worthless, I really hate that feeling.

Especially since I gave so much of myself to Dawn M Varela and in the end she turned out to be the worst relationship I have ever suffered through.

Not one of them ever took as much from me as she has… I guess it’s because we were together 7 years while my other relationships never lasted more than 3.  So that’s four more years of accumulated stuff she took.

Okay, see this part was supposed to be about Bobby Perez, but for me, the pain of Bobby and Dawn are kinda inter-related.

Well, I’m done with my electronic crying 🙂


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