How to let your light shine

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Daily updates

So, originally I was going to just use this blog to vent.  Venting is good for you; however, it also occurred to me that I would be creating a well of negativity.  I would not be sharing how I have grown and how I have learned to move past my pain and suffering to let my light shine.

So not only will I post my pain and suffering, but I will also share with you the light that also shines.

You see, pain is a the antithesis of pleasure… whenever I find myself in pain I know that it is a warning that I am doing something wrong, and that I have gone in the opposite direction of where I want to go.  The question I then ask myself is… so where is it I REALLY want to go?

So far I’ve been talking about relationships… and I’ve had quite a few… not just female companions, but also friends and family relationships.  I’ve traveled all around the world and I’ve learned quite a bit about social dynamics.

I will add to this little blog morsels of insight to help guide you through the darkness that shadows your life, and hopefully make this world a better place to live in one reader at a time 😀


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