Posted: December 6, 2011 in Daily updates

The world we live in today; the country we claim patronage, the state in which we reside, the town in which we work... pointless.

I used to get mad at our government for making my life miserable.

But we are the government.

I used to get mad at the states for forcing me into poverty...

But they are only doing their jobs... and who are these workers that are doing these jobs?

We are the workers.

The agencies that hurt us the most are the IRS, the DMV and the Child Support System.

These are non government, non state run agencies.  Such type agencies offer a service in exchange for monies.

Such type agencies are profit only agencies.

They are not designed to accept your complaints.
They are not designed to be fair to you or listen to your stories.
They are not designed to help you become financially secure.

They are simply designed to offer a service in exchange for money.  Nothing more, nothing less.  In the pursuit of said monies, they are authorized by the state and the federal government as a business to collect said monies by any means necessary.

It does not matter that this violates the 13th and 14th amendment...

They have ways around your rights as an American citizen.

The average American only makes between 12k to 24k a year.

When a court grants back child support with 10% interest, the non custodial parent is instantly put into a debt that he will NEVER be able to pay.

From that moment forth, it is all down hill.

There is nothing the non custodial parent can do.

So complain all you want... it's hopeless.

Custodial parents seem to think that non custodial parents are somehow wealthy or living some lavish life somewhere... the reality is, they are struggling just as much as everyone else is... but the worst part is, they are punished for being poor, while the custodial parent gets help, or assistance from the state or government.

A non custodial parent can NOT get assistance for ANYTHING.

Well, they CAN get help going to jail.

There is no hope for any of us, until we rise up and say enough is enough.

I hear the complaints, but I don't see anyone rising up.


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