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Soaralian Dictionary

Soaralis exists in the Soaralian star cluster just to the left and twenty-one light years past the Andromeda star system. It is the seventh planet of eleven orbiting a single star. Sreyan and Ylsia are the only other two planets capable of supporting tellurian type life forms. The planets are known in this order, starting with their sun, Soaral: Maera, Vok, Sreyan, Ylisia, Kasys, Purel, Soaralis, Kura, Neran, Auger, and Faetn.

Soaralian culture varies drastically according to which side of the planetary hemisphere you are in. The poles, i.e. Northerners, Southerners, Easterners, and Westerners, categorize this.

There are seven major landmasses covering Soaralis, and one ghost continent.
1.Lycindtia, largest of the seven continents. It is the central focus for many unexplained phenomena and magi concentrates.

2.Lyria, west of Lycindtia. A major focal area for Earth and Wind magi.

3.Frigjia, northwest of Lycindtia. An unexplored continent, few are familiar with this frozen landmass. It is believed to be ruled by Wind, Water and Air Magi.

4.Kalkeya, lying east of Lycindtia, it is ruled by Karma, Ki and Mysticism.

5.Jyngrehl, far to the north of Lycindtia. It is the most savage and harsh of all the continents. Primarily ruled by Shadow Magi, Mysticism, and Karma. Here, the Chamorhyn winds blow unpredictably, yet frequently enough that it is respected and revered.

6.Elbria, southeast of Lycindtia. Ruled by Water Magi.

7.Choelbry, a southern continent. Ruled by Fire Magi.

8.Mehkavudor, a ghost continent that blinks in and out of existence. It may appear anywhere on Soaralis, but never on top of another landmass. Mehkavudor is separated into two ruling nations: Northern Mehkavudor and Southern Mehkavudor. Little else is known of this continent.

There are many smaller landmasses and islands spread through out Soaralis as well as pocketverses. Pocketverses were created and can be created by vast amounts of Ctyr and Magi. Of all these islands and pocketverses, only five are important enough to mention as of yet.

1.Breldetheka; known as the Isle Of Dreams, is one of the largest islands on Soaralis. All who wish to be true masters of the art of Sonic Magi must one-dak undertake a journey to this illustrious land. Breldetheka, also called Theka to the Water-folk, is a sacred place filled with incredible creatures, enchanted forest, haunted swamps and death at nearly every turn. Yet, to be a true bard, it is imperative to one-dak experience Brelvoalcona. Only on this isle can this be achieved. Only on this isle will they receive the first fragment of a shared dream. It is this fragment that they seek to make whole, and in the pursuit of its entirety, they are given the strength to sway kingdoms, powers and armies.

2. Arcanum; also known as The Rivers Source, is a relatively small island. It is believed that Arcanum is the center where Terra Eden (now known as Terra Prime, or Earth) and Soaralis were once joined as one. It was also the eighth continent of Soaralis, (ninth if you include the ghost continent Mehkavudor, which to those from Terra Prime would be named Atlantis.) but in the war of the gods, the continent was sunk. Somehow, the land itself retained the vast amounts of magi used to destroy it and those who once abode there. It is believed that the island is somehow aware of its environment, and that almost all beings of a magical nature that remain there longer than four daks eventually contract a mild, if not incurable form of delusion. For the one’s adept with magic however, the effects of the magi radiation can sometimes be temporarily screened. This enables magic users of high caliber to experiment and create powerful spells and/or enchantments. For normal mortals or creatures, just the sight of the island will cause temporary amnesia, stupor, hallucinations and sometimes-permanent genetic alterations.

3. Aerialis; also know as The City In The Sky. This floating landmass is almost too large to be called an island. The twin gods Jyn and Jeq created it. It was their desire to protect the winged creatures of Soaralis from the abuse of non-avian type life forms. Aerialis is ruled by the winged folk known as the Aeryens and the Ylmakari. The Aeryens rule half the island and the Ylmakari rule the other. There has always been tension between the winged humans and the winged elves, but for the past few generations, the two species have lived at peace. Through the generations, the inhabitants of Aerialis have grown to have an uncanny dislike for creatures that have no flight capabilities. This was not the intent of Jyn and Jeq. They are the gods of stability, agility, guile, luck, art and neutrality. The future looks very grim for the continued existence of this floating kingdom.

4. Mehkavudor; is the most mysterious of continents. Little is known of it, except that every so often it will appear on Soaralis. It is also believed that Mehkavudor may be one of the largest pocketverses known to be in existence. If this proves to be true, then Mehkavudor may very well be more than a ghost continent. Many of the newer breeds of elves claim their ancestors brought them here from Mehkavudor. They claim that Mehkavudor is a world, not a continent. So far, there has been no proof for either case.

5. Pocketverses; there are many pocketverses throughout Soaralis. Most are inhabited or controlled by a god or being of power. Some are used to encase or banish beings of power. Pocketverses all have one thing in common, time curves. In most cases, the flow of time is so slow that it usually takes a century to age one year, but there are a few pocketverses that will do the exact opposite, and still an even fewer number that contain unstable fixtures. Those that have this capability will generally pop in and out of real time anywhere on the time stream. It is impossible to control a pocketverse of this nature, and once it reenters real time, the inhabitants are discharged whenever and wherever. Those that have unstable fixtures have the unique capability of occupying the same space at the same time, contrary to the occupant unfortunate enough to be in it at that particular moment. Those unlucky occupants are slowly and agonizingly de-atomized, or fused, depending on the reentry pattern of the pocketverse.

There are many beings of power in existence, only a few have any real significance in real time as of this section of the Mlyn.

The One God: Little is known of this supreme entity, aside from the fact that the power wielded by this being is infinite.

The Celestials. First sentient entities created by the One God. They form the Council of Light, also known as Angels.

The gods of Order: These beings are in hiding, so little is known of them. They have sworn to interfere as little as possible in the affairs of mortals as is divinely possible.

The gods of Chaos: A few of them managed to elude the eternal sleep, largely due to some formality or clause in the spell, possibly the same clause that allowed Lucifer and his fallen angels to escape the same fate as the other deities. At any rate, the gods of Chaos that still cause havoc on Soaralis are:

The Chaos deity Morticia Prossitus Blackheart primarily rules the Northern Hemisphere. She claims reign over perversity, lust and greed. She gains power from witnessing acts of torture and torment.

The Eastern Hemisphere is resident to the Chaos deity known as Togoa Kuhrah. He is the deity of vanity, gluttony and gambling.

The Chaos deity known as Verimian claims the Southern Hemisphere, his specialty is disease, hunger and pestilence.

Finally, to the west is Malachi; he is the deity of hate, dissension and war.

Aylon A-lon 1: Major port city on the western half of central Lycindtia near the coast of Draxius. See map for details.

Ayisha Uh-yee-shah 1: One of four known individuals taken from Terra Prime as an infant. She is also known as Julia. She currently possesses the Ylmithiam gauntlets of Ylma.

Aubacian Aw-bay-si-un 1: One of seven oceans on the planet Soaralis. This one separates the continents Lyria and Lycindtia.

Axygel a-Si-gehl 1: One of twelve dragon-men under Julia’s employ.

Arcanum Ar-keh-nem 1: The rivers’ source. A mythical island somewhere on Soaralis believed to be in the Heliographic Ocean. 2: Ways of the magi.

Aerialis Eh-re-ah-lees 1: City in the sky.

Aeryen Ehr-yin 1: Winged humanoids.

Agashy Ah-ge-she 1: White Sorceress of the Black Steppes. Foster mother to Sir Jhef of Hawklar.

Avarious Eh-vay-re-us 1: One of many names for the port city known as Aylon. See Aylon.

Akhlev Ah-kuh-lev 1: Commander and chief of the Drow militia on the northern continent known as Jyngrehl.

Borag Boh-rahg 1: A slovenly race of vicious humanoid boars.

Balon Bay-luhn 1: A Brown Robe magician under the employ of Gregor the Destroyer.

Bastian Redwood Havious 1: Second son of King Michael Redwood Havious of Hawklar. He has elite training with the secret guard.

Breldetheka Brehl-dee-tay-kah 1: Isle of dreams.

Brelvoalcona Brehl-voh-ul-coh-nah 1: An experience that begins the quest of the ultimate song, specific to those adept with sonic magi, and felt only on Breldetheka.

Belic Beh-lek 1: One of four major port cities on Lycindtia, southwest of Aylon. See map.

Braan Bray-yn 1: Commander and chief of the Serpentrian Militia.

Briggan Brehg-gahn 1: Father of Snowflake, husband to Raindrop and mayor of Kyncaide Shire, a Lycindtian Elyon.

Black Gar 1: A huge fortress located in the Jungles of Despair.

Brunswick 1: A spryte from Rainbow Forest, cousin to PolyBehl, and companion to Jynx and Kryket.

Cindhis Karr 1: A female mercenary soldier from the plains of Knorr in Northern Lyria.

Cresha Kray-shuh 1: Mage Supreme of Hawklar, Arch Mage of the White Order.

Ctyr Ch-turr 1: A non-defined force of nature that exists primarily within heavenly bodies, i.e. meteors, comets, planets, and suns…etc.

Chrell Krehl 1: One time emperor of Soaralis.

Clayta 1: She is of the Dracos Chameamorph species, wife of Duryx. She died in battle while trying to buy her daughter enough time to escape the genocide order given by Gregor the Destroyer.

Cairne’ Ka-ur-nay 1: The personification of Death.

Chaos Magi 1: Destructive, uncontrollable raw magic.
Dakhelan Dey-kah-lon 1: Master of Daemondim, a greater Daemon.

Choelbry Koe-ehl-bree 1: The continent south of Lycindtia.

Chamorhyn Kah-moe-ree-en 1: A person, place or thing having or emitting an aura that creates or stimulates change in its environment through chance, fortune, etc, usually associated with wind.

Drow Droe 1: A chaotic race of solitary elves noted especially for their dark skin; silver, platinum or white hair, uncanny strength, speed, and their vast knowledge of poisons. See also Kimmeroi and Sylvarani.

Darkwood 1: A forest consisting of dark colors. 2: An object made from a darkwood tree.
Djorga Jor-gah 1: A large, carnivorous, thick furred hound.

Duryx Doo-er-rex 1: Elder of the Chameamorph clan, husband to Clayta. He died while trying to aid the escape of his wife and daughter.

Dwarves 1: Dlyvok Dah-lee-vahk 1a: A solitary and ancient race of mountain dwarves, extremely skilled at stone-craft and earth magi. They are rarely seen.

2: Grahlvok Growl-vahk 1b: More commonly seen than the Dlyvok, they too are mountain dwarves. They lack only the magic of their more skilled brethren.

3: Rohlvok Roal-vahk 1c: Hill dwarves.

4: Freyvok Frayvok 1d: Ice dwarves. (Also, water dwarves).

5: Pyrevok Pie-er-vahk 1e: Fire dwarves.

Djevhram Dah-jeh-vah-rum 1: The deity of Purgatory and Judge to those who declare unjust demise.

Demetrius 1: First Lord of Light, born on Lyria, in the city known as Quinn.

Dracos 1: There are numerous species of dragon on Soaralis, however, most of them have chosen to detach themselves from the affairs of mortals and pursue their own ends.

Damathrine Da-mah-threen 1: An almost indestructible metal mixed with Mythril and Adamantium.

Demon 1: The lowest form of an evil spirit.

Devil 1: The middle rank of evil spirits. Their specific duty is the temptation of free willed sapient creatures.

Daemon Dak-mun 1: The highest rank of evil spirits. The majority of all Daemons are fallen Celestials or the Celestials who followed Lucifer during the TIME OF CHAOS.
Dakhelan Temple 1: A temple erected for the sole purpose of worshipping its patron, located east of Hawklar in the Jungles of Despair.

Elynx 1: A greater Daemon, loyal only to Lauriana Silvermane.

Ebon Magi 1: A malignant form of magic that uses demons, devils and daemons to manipulate chaos magi.

Elyon 1: A race of child like humanoids belonging to the Faerianishi clan of elves. They are especially known for their innovative and inventive nature.

Elbria Ehl-bree-yah 1: The continent southeast of Lycindtia.

Ehla 1: One of Ayisha’s personal Hellian bodyguards.

Faerianishi Fay-ree-ah-nee-shee 1: These are the most diverse of the elven species, so diverse that they are often considered a race of themselves. The Faerianishi are divided into four species; the winged, the chameleon, the polymorph and the brainiacs.

2: Nehfuran; the winged species. Growing no taller than 12″

3: Pygehn; the chameleon species. No greater than 24″

4: Dopyen; the polymorph species. No greater than 36″

5: Elyon; the brainiac species. Growing no taller than 48″

Faerie Fay-ah-ree 1: Any races of humanoid whose primary attributes and forms of existence derive from magic or because of magic.

Frigjia 1: The continent northwest of Lycindtia.

Fang 1: One of Julia’s personal Hellian bodyguards.

Felinas 1: A race of feral creatures standing no taller than five foot, having characteristics similar to that of a Hellian and a Drow.

FrolicBehl 1: King of the sprytes in Rainbow Forest.

Gaenara Gay-eh-nah-rah 1: Wild elves, more common on the pocketverse known as Mehkavudor.

Gregor the Destroyer 1: Commander of the Black Knights.

Gunther Bohn Aylon 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 1: Progressive Kings of Aylon.

Gogdha Gawg-jah 1: A species of riding animals, cross between a horse and a kangaroo.

Grott 1: A species of carnivorous lichen type worm.

Gaiyn 1: A young Kalkeyan studying at Monastery Flowers, a friend of Shajhef.

Hawklar 1: Largest city in central Lycindtia, especially known for its elite-trained secret guard.

HarmonyBehl 1: Queen of the sprytes in Rainbow Forest.

Hellians 1: A race of carnivorous feline humanoids, primarily female. They require human males to reproduce.

Ilya Michele Aylon 1: Queen of Aylon, mother to Simon Bohn Aylon.

Jyn 1: One of the twin deities of neutrality.

Jeq 1: One of the twin deities of neutrality.

Jhyn Jshen 1: A level of martial arts skill.
Jyngrehl Jshen-grehl 1: Also Jyngrel, a continent north of Lycindtia. 2: Jyngrehl; outsider, outcast, rebel; one who does not fit within the normal structures of an existing environment.

Jhef Jshef 1: One of four individuals taken from Terra Prime as an infant. Because of the Myriad which has fused with his very soul, he is considered neither Terran nor Soaralian, but a representative of the totality of both worlds.

Jrega Jah-ray-gah 1: A large rare cabbage like plant with fern like leaves. The only vegetation known on all of Soaralis that all forms of life, including reptiles and dragons can safely eat and digest. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and maghacim. Jrega is used in Soaralian cultures as a recreational product, particularly smoking, also known as Dragonbacco.

Juli’Ayisha 1: See also Ayisha. Full name Juli’Ayisha Neitshadh. Adopted daughter of Lord Vladmor Nietshadh of Khanhome.

Jynx 1: One of four individuals taken from Terra Prime as an infant, he is highly skilled with wind magic.
Khanholme Kawn-holm 1: A small kingdom ruled by the Neitshadh family in the southern lands of Lycindtia near Maghacim.

Krysten 1: Deceased wife of Lord Vladmor Neitshadh, ruler of Khanholme.

Kraken 1: One of four major port cities on Lycindtia, south of Aylon.

Kala 1: A Hawklarian barmaid, used as a sacrifice to Dakhelan.

Kalika Liyae 1: Also know as the gift of Myriad. It is a nondescript form of magic that manifests itself in the form of coincidences, luck, and improbability etc, also called wild magic.

Kimmeroi 1: A warrior race of elves, found primarily on Jyngrehl. They are thick and sturdy, black to silver hair, growing as tall as 6′. Their skin ranges from pitch black to dark tan. Their eyes range from opaque to dark brown. They are cousins to the Drow.

Kalika Thane 1: A lyuitaer (lee-you-ee-tay-er), similar to a guitar, having eighteen strings; six bass, six tenors and six harmonic. Endowed by the Celestials with various unknown functions, one of which caused the gods of Chaos to be banished into the VOID OF STASIS. It’s main function, however, is to control the Liyae.

Kalika Liyae see also Chamorhyn and Myriad

Ki 1: The energies, which flow constantly through individual life forms.

Kuhrah 1: Also known as Togoa Kuhrah, deity of vanity, and friend to Prossitus.

Kalkeyan 1: A race of psionic humans from the eastern continent known as Kalkeya.

Kyntha 1: A martial skill known as the art of shadows.

Korynthian 1: The eastern Ocean between Lycindtia and Kalkeya.

Kharthika 1: Species of a different genetic makeup having similar spiritual structures and brain wave patterns.

Kehl 1: The ash colored moon, smallest of the three other moons hovering within the orbit of Soaralis.

Khelwyn 1: Capitol city of Jyngrel, seat of power for Queen Lhelawyn.

Kindred 1: Species of any race color or creed bonded by an innate ability to shape shift.

Krrt Kert 1: One of Braan’s lieutenants in the Serpentrian Militia.

Kryket 1: One of four individuals taken from Terra Prime as an infant. She is highly skilled with Medici magi.

Kyncaide 1: A small Elyon village just inside of Rainbow Forest, near the Kings Highway. See map.

Lycindtia Lie-syn-thee-ah 1: Largest and central most continents on Soaralis.

Lyria 1: The continent west of Lycindtia.

Litelar 1: The transitory state before the ascension of a Lord of Light.

Lauriana Silvermane 1: A Felinas, belonging to the distinguished clan of the Silvermanes.

Lsh-myn 1: An instructor at the Monastery Flowers located in Hawklar.

Leia 1: A female Kalkeyan student at the Monastery Flowers, one of Shajhef Selvaggio’s friends.

Lhelawyn 1: Queen of the dark elves.

Medici 1: The art of healing, also, medeci.

Malaazar 1: One of Braan’s lieutenants.

Maghacim May-jah-sehm 1: An element that allows access to undefined forces. 2: A city in the southern most segment of Lycindtia near the West Coast, completely dependent upon magic to sustain its existence.

Mehkavudor 1: The largest pocketverse known in existence. It is believed that Mehkavudor is more of a shadow of Soaralis than a pocketverse.

Morgana 1: Goddess of improbability.

Malachi 1: Deity of war.

Mythryl 1: A metal ore with large amounts of Maghacim in its composition.

Myst’D’Anna 1: A female Chameamorph, last of her clan.

Mlyn 1: Also the Book of Existence, Book of Life, Book of Possibilities, Book of Oracles…etc.

Myreavana 1: The most common race of elves and the closest in appearance to humans. They came to Soaralis from Mehkavudor. Except for their small slightly pointed ears and the fact that they rarely exceed the height of 5′, they are indistinguishable from humans. This breed is sometimes called bastard elves.

Myriad 1: A chaotic type of energy reminiscent of dark matter. It’s nature though largely unknown seems to have close ties with karma and the laws of cause and effect.

Nomis 1: Black Robe supreme, also king of Black Gar. See also Simon Bohn Aylon.

Nkru-mah 1: The daemon of decay and rot.

Nitemare 1: Julia’s mare.

Omnifiner 1: Similar to Armageddon and Ragnarak, meaning or representing the end of all things, of existence. From the Book of Mlyn; ‘…and it shall come to pass that all men shall fight among themselves; being no exception to relation. They shall only take pause when the dragons return, and they shall rejoice, but know no joy. For the dragons come to war, and all men shall have a dragon and all existence shall burn under the breath of the dragon and bleed from it’s razor claws, and the pits of chaos shall open up and all shall be made welcome.

Oreandi 1: Water elves, both salt and fresh water. When submerged, they breathe through gills on the sides of their chest. They have webbed hands and feet, tan skin, blue to green eyes and are extremely charismatic.

PolyBehl 1: One of King FrolicBehl’s daughters, one of Jhef’s friends and part time companion.

Paelean 1: Lowest form of symbiotic armor, extremely expensive, but common among royalty.

Paanthar 1: A large, fierce, extremely cunning variety of carnivorous felines.

Pocketverse 1: Spheres of separate states of being, and or, smaller universes within a universe.

Prossitus 1: Twin sister of Morgana, goddess of
perversity, lust and greed.

Pynfae 1: A master at the Monastery Flowers, Jhef’s personal tutor.

Purrt 1: One of Julia’s personal Hellian bodyguards.

Pteragar 1: Winged, ethereal, humanoid like reptiles, esp. known for their unique form of possession.

Raindrop 1: An Elyon from the village known as Kyncaide. Mother of Snowflake Hammerfist, wife of Briggen Hammerfist.

Rome 1: Little is known of this assasin. He is extremely expensive and is known to only take marks that he feels are worth his sense of justice. To request his services, one simply need only to write Rome on quartz stone and place it on a roof. Somehow he finds you. He is famed for his signature use of projectiles, always gold.

Sylvarani 1: A nomadic breed of warrior elves. They have a tendency to emulate humanoids in order to create mischief. They are the gentler breeds of the Kimmeroi.

Ssalandria 1: Queen of all the serpents, and Serpentria.

Simon 1: One and only son of King Gunther Bohn Aylon the 3rd.

Spryte 1: A winged humanoid usually growing no larger than 6″. See Faerie.

Sayatti 1: The lowest form of degradation possible. Slave.

Shadow Hawn 1: One of several large, highly intelligent avian life forms on Soaralis.

Soaralis 1: Sister planet to Terra Prime, also known as Earth.

Sreyan 1: One of three planets capable of supporting life in the Soaralian star system.

Sonic Magi 1: Magic that uses sound as a catalyst.

Shiatsu 1: A form of healing using pressure techniques.

Soletredders 1: Humanoid creatures lacking flight capabilities, specifically, wings of any sort.

Sakxon 1: One of three moons in the Soaralian sky, recognized by its gold hue.

Saints of Death 1: Black Robes who follow the will of Dakhelan. See also Dakhelan Deathbringer.

Snowflake 1: An Elyon female from the village of Kyncaide, her father was the mayor, Briggen Hammerfist and her mother was known as Raindrop. Captain Skaggs, a Borag under the employ of Simon Bohn Aylon, killed them.

Symiyan 1: Carnivorous ape like humanoids, extremely aggressive.

Stalker 1: Headless ethereal ape like humanoid hunters with 3″ to 6″ spikes covering their entire bodies. These spikes can be deployed as deadly projectiles.

Tiamat Tie-ah-mah 1: Lord of serpents, Queen of dragons, also, Dracos Crepuscular.

Tristen 1: One of three moons over the planet Soaralis, distinguished from the others by its red hue.

Toumbvorps Toom-vohr 1: 1′ to 3’ tall balls of fur. They hav razor spines and rows of shark like teeth.

Tygar 1: Soaralian versions of a Terran tiger, only they have prehensile tails and bear like retractable claws.

T’ait-sy-yn 1: A master at the Monastery Flowers.

Taepon 1: Grandmaster at the Monastery Flowers.

Thekka 1: Water-folk word for the Isle of Dreams.

Talia 1: The Daemon that snatched up Cresha’s mind, and all that came with it.

Tresbach 1: The magnificent Rocky Mountains, which divide one fourth of the upper half of northern Lycindtia.

Tsyeanos Teh-sie-ah-noss 1: Father of Dragons, Lord of serpents, also Dracos Crepuscular.

TIME OF RAINS 1: See Prolegomenon.

TIME OF CHAOS 1: See Prolegomenon.

Tymbarr 1: An extremely predatorial variety of Paanther.

Tressa 1: One of Julia’s personal Hellian bodyguards.

Telka 1: A variety of cattle, cross between a bison and a soft-shelled turtle. Telka beasts are prized primarily for their durable hide.

Utsimu 1: An overweight Kalkeyan student at Monastery Flowers, one of Jhef’s friends.

Vjega 1: A long fat slug like worm feeding primarily on phosphorous lichen.

Vhem 1: A prosperous river town located on the southern side of the Black River, known especially for its extremely high toll fee.

Verimian 1: Deity of hunger and pestilence.

VOID OF STASIS 1: See Prolegomenon.

Vladmor 1: Lord of Khanholme, raised Julia when she was a child.

Vale Djerasole 1: Kingdom of the Rainbow Forest sprytes.

Vorpalic Quicksilver 1: Liquid symbiotic metal having a multifarious transitory state.

Winds of Fayre 1: A breeze that carries the spirits of those who feel they were taken unjustly to the courts of Djevhram.

Water-folk 1: The various species of intelligent marine life.

Xzamobra 1: One of Braan’s lieutenants.

Xyvbgnon 1: Colossal humanoid, winged dragon like creatures.

Xynthrill 1: Metallic rare, substance formed primarily of Maghacim.

Ylmakari 1: Known as the elves of the wind, or the winged ones. They have often been mistaken for Celestials. They are the wisest of all the elves.

Ylma 1: The goddess that created the Ylmithiam gauntlets and dispersed the remaining twenty artifacts among the Lords of Light, the following is a list of the first twelve.

1. Blue; Ylmithiam Gauntlets.
2. Silver; Psionic Shadow Armor.
3. Gray; Bracers of Agility and Speed.
4. Black; Sword and Arrows.
5. White; Sword, Armor and Shield.
6. Gold; Ring of Detection, Direction and Truth.
7. Red; Staff of Lock and Key.
8. Ruby; Phoenix Sword and shield.
9. Green, Sonic Gem.
10. Opal; Pearls of the Deep.
11. Rainbows; Geode of Gaea.
12. Crystal; Gem of Sight.

There are ten major branches of magi orders, and ten major guilds, its viewpoints and its base nature determine the color of a sect. For example, the gods of Order are generally good in nature, the gods of Chaos are generally evil, and thus, if you were lawful in view and evil in nature, you would be a Black Robe. The sects are divided as follows:

1. Black Robes; Lawful Evil.
2. Purple Robes; Neutral Evil.
3. Red Robes; Chaotic Evil.
4. White Robe; Lawful Good.
5. Blue Robe; Neutral Good.
6. Gold Robe; Chaotic Good.
7. Green Robe; Lawful Neutral.
8. Gray Robe; True Neutral.
9. Brown Robe; Chaotic Neutral.
10. Pink Robe; varying between lawful and true neutral. This particular sect is strictly for women. They frown upon all men, regarding them as the cancer of existence.

Soaralian Time Scale;
1. Pek 60 pek’s in a Myn.
2. Myn 60 myn’s in an Ura.
3. Ura 24 ura’s in a Dak.
4. Dak 7 dak’s in a Wyn.
5. Wyn 4 Wyn’s in a Thon.
6. Thon 12 thon’s in a Somar.
7. Somar Equivalent to 1 Terran year.

Soaralian Calendar; Daks of the Wyn;
1. Sewdak Monday.
2. Dewdak Tuesday.
3. Tryst Wednesday.
4. Harvest Thursday.
5. Festival Friday.
6. Celestial Saturday.
7. Sabbath Sunday.

Soaralian Calendar; Thons in a Somar;

1. Onathon Ruled by the male season deity Waelon of winter. First thon of the somar, first thon of winter. I.e., December.

2. Dython Ruled by both Waelon and Wyntayer. I.e., January.

3. Trython Ruled by the female season deity Wyntayer of winter. Last thon of winter. I.e., February.

4. Marco Ruled by the male season deity Marco of spring. First thon of spring. I.e. March.

5. Aeyo Ruled by both Marco and Ambrosia. I.e. April.

6. Maeyo Ruled by the female season deity Ambrosia of spring. Last thon of spring. I.e., May.

7. Yunathon Ruled by the male season deity Multan of summer. First thon of summer. I.e., June.

8. Yetathon Ruled by both Multan and Helynah. I.e., July.

9. Aeyothon Ruled by the female season deity Helynah of summer. Last thon of summer. I.e., August.

10. Septathon Ruled by the male season deity Moergyn of autumn. First thon of autumn. I.e., September.

11. Octothon Ruled by both Moergyn and Jhenusys. I.e., October.

12. Novethon Ruled by the female season deity Jhenusys of autumn. I.e., November. Last thon of autumn.

Soaralian Currency, from lowest to highest;
1. Copper coins 10 = 1 gold.
2. Gold coins 10 = 1 silver.
3. Silver coins 10 = 1 platinum.
4. Platinum coins 10 =1 electrum.