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I forgot about my first blog :)

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Daily updates


Man, how to manage all these websites… what a conundrum 😀



Posted: December 6, 2011 in Daily updates

The world we live in today; the country we claim patronage, the state in which we reside, the town in which we work... pointless.

I used to get mad at our government for making my life miserable.

But we are the government.

I used to get mad at the states for forcing me into poverty...

But they are only doing their jobs... and who are these workers that are doing these jobs?

We are the workers.

The agencies that hurt us the most are the IRS, the DMV and the Child Support System.

These are non government, non state run agencies.  Such type agencies offer a service in exchange for monies.

Such type agencies are profit only agencies.

They are not designed to accept your complaints.
They are not designed to be fair to you or listen to your stories.
They are not designed to help you become financially secure.

They are simply designed to offer a service in exchange for money.  Nothing more, nothing less.  In the pursuit of said monies, they are authorized by the state and the federal government as a business to collect said monies by any means necessary.

It does not matter that this violates the 13th and 14th amendment...

They have ways around your rights as an American citizen.

The average American only makes between 12k to 24k a year.

When a court grants back child support with 10% interest, the non custodial parent is instantly put into a debt that he will NEVER be able to pay.

From that moment forth, it is all down hill.

There is nothing the non custodial parent can do.

So complain all you want... it's hopeless.

Custodial parents seem to think that non custodial parents are somehow wealthy or living some lavish life somewhere... the reality is, they are struggling just as much as everyone else is... but the worst part is, they are punished for being poor, while the custodial parent gets help, or assistance from the state or government.

A non custodial parent can NOT get assistance for ANYTHING.

Well, they CAN get help going to jail.

There is no hope for any of us, until we rise up and say enough is enough.

I hear the complaints, but I don't see anyone rising up.

Emanuel Shajhef Quinton

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Daily updates

Published Author of the fantasy series:  Soaralis; Legends & Lore

Artist; painter, illustrator, designer, song writer, musician

Martial Artist, various Chinese Styles.


Zodiac Sign, Monkey/ Sun in Virgo with Taurus rising.


There are times when you run into people who are filled with such self hate that they can not stand themselves.  They hide behind a mask of self delusion, and in order to keep that fragile mask intact, they embark on a smear campaign against you.

Telling all your mutual friends to not talk to you, to delete you from their lives and to just dog you behind your back.

That’s okay.  That has nothing to do with you.  That is all their energy, they were never truly your friends if they can so easily turn on you.  A true friend doesn’t take sides because the pain between you and your significant other or another best friend is transitory.  It won’t last forever… but by ostracizing one friend over the other… that IS forever.  When a person does that to you it plainly states that you mean absolutely nothing to me and I really don’t care if you died tomorrow.  Yes, its painful to know that there are people in the world like that, but just remember… there are BILLIONS of people on the planet… you don’t need people who don’t care about you in your life… they are a waste of your space… find the ones that matter and move on 😀

How to let your light shine

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Daily updates

So, originally I was going to just use this blog to vent.  Venting is good for you; however, it also occurred to me that I would be creating a well of negativity.  I would not be sharing how I have grown and how I have learned to move past my pain and suffering to let my light shine.

So not only will I post my pain and suffering, but I will also share with you the light that also shines.

You see, pain is a the antithesis of pleasure… whenever I find myself in pain I know that it is a warning that I am doing something wrong, and that I have gone in the opposite direction of where I want to go.  The question I then ask myself is… so where is it I REALLY want to go?

So far I’ve been talking about relationships… and I’ve had quite a few… not just female companions, but also friends and family relationships.  I’ve traveled all around the world and I’ve learned quite a bit about social dynamics.

I will add to this little blog morsels of insight to help guide you through the darkness that shadows your life, and hopefully make this world a better place to live in one reader at a time 😀

How to live a magnificent life

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Daily updates

Strange as it may seem, I actually do know the secret to wealth and happiness.  The problem is that my brain keeps telling me I don’t deserve to be happy and I seem to keep punishing myself for not being perfect.  It is like there are two different versions of me.  Emanuel the teacher, the positive outspoken go lucky creator of novels and self help books, illustrator and martial artist… and then there is the Emanuel whose child hood was destroyed by a father who was never there and a step father who abused me till I moved out and relationships that were tumultuous at best.

So, who were the women that helped forge my life as it is today.

Let’s go back in history.

My first kiss, Sandy Smith Kattabach Germany, blond hair blue eyes.  That was awesome, I walked her home and carried her books, and kissed her at the door.  Afterward, some African American girls beat me up for trying to date a Caucasian girl.

My first relationship, Chery Bardi, Vicenza Italy.  The most beautiful woman in the world to me, honey blond hair.  She dumped me.  We are still friends, but I never really asked her why she dumped me.

First love at first sight romance, Valarie Rentfroe, long awesome red hair, green eyes, Pisa Italy.  Strange how I met her one day and we hung out all night and then she vanished from my life the next day.

My second relationship was a secret affair with my best friends sister, Candi Burbank.  A magnificent blond babe.  Fayetteville North Carolina.  It was too stressful keeping a secret from my best friend Shawn Burbank.  I was happy and sad it ended.

My third relationship was Laurie Jo Simon, we met in Bad Kissengen Germany.  Beautiful Blond.  We broke up when I joined the AirForce, I didn’t believe long distance love affairs could work… she got pregnant the night we said goodbye to our wonderful daughter, Desaree Shavaun Simon.

My fourth relationship was Tammy Michelle Lord.  Bodacious red head from Huntington Beach California, we met in the AirForce.  Love at first sight.  Married a few months later.  She left me for the swingers life.  Another woman and pregnant by another man… so she said.

My fifth relationship was Julia Michele Feeney.  Very beautiful honey blond babe.  We met in Leesville Louisiana.  She is the mother of our Son, Joseph Emanuel Quinton.  We just couldn’t make it work.  She didn’t trust me and I didn’t trust her.

My sixth relationship was a mistake, it was a rebound from Julia constantly saying I was cheating when I wasn’t and after she took our son and left for Indianapolis Indiana, I fell into the arms of Stacy Schmidt.  Uh, that was really rocky… she was a very hot and sultry red haired vixen.  It never should have happened, but when you are rebounding, you just want to be loved, and she played me like a fiddle.  This was still in Leesville Louisiana.  When she started playing me and my friends against each other… it was time to move on.

My seventh relationship was with Karen G Hardison in Columbia South Carolina.  I really fell deeply in love with her.  She was the first woman with a great head on her shoulders, so I thought.  I really don’t know what happened to us… a lot of little things I suppose.  I would actually have to talk to her again and find out what went wrong.

So I left South Carolina and went back to Louisiana and I get a call from Julia Michelle Feeney.  She wants me to come back and try and work things out.  She has my son, and I love my son and I am single… so why the heck not?  Well, what a mistake that was.  You can’t base your relationship on your kids.  We broke up AGAIN and I moved to Minnesota to be near my daughter.

My eighth relationship was Dawn Marie Varela. Long dark hair, light tan skin.   Half Mexican half Caucasian.  She was everything I wanted, she was everything I needed, but she didn’t respect me or appreciate me and she showed me no gratitude.  Yet I loved her regardless.  We lasted 7 years… and then she murdered me.

So what is the lesson here?  Um, yeah…  you tell me 🙂

Selling my stuff

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Daily updates

Okay, 0ver 20 years of hard work and research for my novels and art work were put on 6 hard drives and backed up for redundancy.

Dawn M Varela won’t give me my hard drives.

I mean, she has taken ALL my stuff, sold my car, sold my xbox games sold my xbox 360 so she claims, sold my 2 playstation 3’s and all my playstation 3 games and sold my nintendo dsi games…

Not to mention 7 years worth or movies I collected.

Now, I can do without the games and the console systems, but my hard drives were extremely priceless, you just can’t redo 20 years worth of hard work.

I am angry and I am depressed at the same time… I don’t know what to do!!!!